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Since 2007 ,by  the success of cooperating with many foreign jewelries, accessories company's  ,

ROLA has been formed  unique corporate cultures:

A. Environment-friendly:In order to protect the environment, all materials are from natural environment : There are water-pearls , Amethysts, Rose Quartz ,Tigereye Citrine ,Aventurine ,
    Opal ...And so on .  Moerover ,these  semi-precious stones have their own Magics for LOVE , FORTUNE, HEALTH , LUCK ,POWER, & PROTECTION .

B. Hand-made : Whatever the polishing ,assembling , braiding or threading , Hand-made is the only way to form these natural-materials products . Also the technics represent the ART

    and UNIQUE as the natural materials .

C. Fashion: cooperating with Italy and New York designers, following with the change of the seasons and the transfer of fashion, ROLA has been diligently and continuely produce the latest

    natural jewlries for the demand of the international market  of  Wedding gifts , Chrismas ,Valentine’s ,Yoga ,religions and many Ocaasioanl gifts .

D. Affordable Price:  The popularity of natural jewelries , just as women's daily make-up as common and important, So ROLA has been upholdwith the most favorable price to support the

    beauty of consumers every day .

    Meanwhile, we have established partnerships with international couriers such as Fedex, DHL, UPS and EMS to ship goods to worldwide reasonably and fast.

E. Customerized or special unique designed packing : There are more choices for the packing which can be designed by customers or ROLA designers.

    A: Box Packing

        1: Customized designs welcome: these can be your logos pictures, patterns or drawings.

        2: Our own unique occasional designs : there are many special designs based on all Occasional: Valentines; Weddings; Christmas; Birthday, Mother’s day; Father’s day; Zodiacs; Yogo

           and Religions .

    B: Back Card packing

        1: Customized designs welcome

        2: Our own back card : Free charge